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Ask for help, that's the only way to maybe get a Yes.

Or when your non-actor best friend wins an award for acting your movie.

Making movies is such a group project, sometimes even your own dog gets involved! I mean, I've done a documentary where part of my family starred, and I was lucky to have my mother's support in all of my projects.

Be passionate about what you want to do, and you will find people that will support you. Find people that are rising just like you and are willing to put the hours, the sweat and blood, but try and do it and the best conditions possible. The main thing you GOT to have is food and water, a well fed crew is a happy crew.

A lot of my family was present in my thesis film Dual X, my mother, brother, my aunts, my cousins, I used my aunt's house. I asked a local esfiha (they are like really small pizzas) place for food in exchange for placing their logo on the credits of my film and they gave me a bunch of them. Basically, you gotta ask. In the best way possible, and you should make it clear they aren't obligated to help you, it's ok to say no.

My best friend, Cássia Raphaela, someone who had never acted before, and is a Literature major and a boss babe, got a Supporting Actress award for my thesis film back in Brazil. I am so proud of her, and even though we are apart and I miss her I know we both want the very best for each other, and we are both pursuing our dreams.

You can check out my short, Dual X, on my work page. (In Portuguese, subtitles coming soon!).

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