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Dick Clark's Mark Rafalowski

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

This week I had the immense pleasure of meeting Mark Rafalowski, Executive Vice President of International Distribution at Dick Clark Productions. They are responsible for shows like The Golden Globes, the Hollywood Films Awards and You Think You Can Dance.

In this lecture he talked about how he got started, coming into the business from the finance area, and his work with Jim Milio and his show The Dog Whisperer. Fun fact, the first season didn't do so well in overseas sales, but he decided to "double the bet" on Jim and get on board for the second season anyway. That proved to be the right move, as the Dog Whisperer went on to have 9 seasons!

With me in the photo is Domingas Person, former TNT Brasil's anchor for the Oscars. She's a fellow classmate at UCLA and an amazing woman!

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