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Editing Action

I love action movies. My two short films I've directed and edited, in Brazil and in the US, are female lead action shorts. I had the great opportunity to work with a stunt coordinator on the latter, and the entire process was so fun.

And then, when I got into the editing bay, I found little tricks to help with the edit. In the video below Ryan, from online school Film Riot, explains a few of the tricks he uses during his edits. I have used the trick of trimming a few frames to make the hit more effective, but I haven't moved a sequence to After Affects and done the mask, as Ryan shows. Yet!

Doing sound for fight scenes is so funny and sometimes even awkward! Imagine me standing in me bedroom with my two actresses and the sound guy, recording grunts that I'd later have to choose and place in the edit. I can't be the only one that laughs at how some of the grunts sound like!

Film Riot is a great place to look for information and "do it yourself" projects, since that's what they've been doing for a few years. They started doing videos and explaining to viewers how to do what they did, that's the premises for their online school, and their stuff is only getting better. They go over exactly how to do the edit, the sound, what settings they used to export, what plugins they used. They have a bunch of other videos on post production like Workflow on a Tight Deadline and behind the scenes of their shorts.

Have you ever done or would like to do an action movie? Have you used any other tricks during editing? Let me know!

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