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Love, Death and Robots: An Animated anthology

Today I am recommending the Netflix Animated Anthology, produced by Joshua Donen, David Fincher, Jennifer Miller and Tim Miller: "Love, Death and Robots". If you don't know anything about it, take a look at the trailer!

Did it catch your attention? I hope it did, because it has a lot of great material definitely worth watching! They are 18 stand-alone animated short stories, varying in length and genre, like sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, produced by different animation studios.

"Three robots" is a funny take on humans, and "The Witness" will leave you wondering just how the hell they managed to create that kind of look, not to mention how the story will blow your brain up. But my favorite one is just below!

I'd recommend starting with Sonny's Edge. I'm not sure if Netflix scrambles the episode order for different people, since they aren't really in a specific one, but you should start with it, you'll be setting yourself up the right way! The visuals are stunning, the music amps you up for a fight, but you can't really know how it's going to hit you. I was shocked and in tears about how hard the imagery hit me at a point of the fight. I don't want to spoil anything, so let me know in the comments how you felt after watching it!

There's a lot of sex and death, as per the name. Enjoy the ride, there are so many different animation styles and stories, of varying quality. Some are deeper than others. Some look like a part of a video game (good visuals, low on story). But definitely recommend. Let me know what's your favorite episode of Love, Death and Robots!

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