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My Hero Academia fight scene

I love action and anime and came across this amazingly choreographed fight scene based on the Japanese animation My Hero Academia.

I think it's so brilliant how the power of creating content is in our grasp. It obviously took very talented people to do it, but there is only one location, two characters and no dialogue (sound is always a problem when outdoors, you either have to wait for loud noises to go away or dub, which not every actor can do). All in all it's a pretty straight forward production. The most challenging was definitely making sure they had the angles and the movement to make the cuts just right, which they pulled off.

The editing and the effects are what makes this, the slow motion, showing the same action multiple times, the lens flares, the sound effects of not only the punches but the air being pushed away, and the dust rising. I'll stop describing it and let you watch it for yourself!

#myheroacademia #anime #fight #allmight #liveaction

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