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Visit to a Dolby Laboratory

I had the incredible opportunity to get a little tour of the Dolby Laboratories, in Burbank, CA.

Here they edit new and reedit old movies with Vision and Atmos technology. Dolby Vision was "designed for the cinema to deliver incredible color, a million-to-one contrast ratio, and twice the brightness of standard screens", or basically, the blacks are blacker, the whites are whiter, and so is every other color. Dolby Atmos is "industry-leading audio technology that delivers powerful, moving audio that flows all around you, even from above and behind. Up to 128 individual sounds can be precisely placed and moved throughout the cinema with lifelike depth, detail, and clarity, putting you at the center of the story."

Having experienced a demonstration of both, including a split screen of the movie "Gravity" and a sneak peak of the song "Rocketman" by Elton John, that's being remixed to the Dolby system, it was amazing to feel the difference in the experience.

In rooms in the facility is where sound mixing and color correction is done to movies like Roma, where Alfonso Cuarón spent around 7 weeks (a long time compared to the average spent in post production sound) using a laser pointer to show where he wanted certain audio elements to be in the 3D space of the movie theater.

If you are a creator like me, you can rent a screening room to show your films!

This technology is exclusive to AMC theaters, and I highly recommend looking for movies screening at the Dolby rooms.

Check out photos of my visit below and let me know your comments!

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